Claire Caudwell

Images and Art

© Claire Caudwell 2019


After years of creative adventures in school and my freetime I decided to study textile design at Nottingham Trent University and graduated in 2008. After graduating I exhibited as part of the degree program group exhibition “Flock” (2008), New Designers in London (2008) and the NTU "Making the future 2 exhibition" (2008). I have also worked both as a freelance and in-house print designer. Between 2013-2017 I worked at Gudrun Sjöden as a print designer and it was there I learnt about using watercolour. Since then I have been developing my artistic practice and I am now looking to exhibit my work in galleries in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Artist statement:

"My work focuses on creating paintings and patterns that capture the beauty and complexity of nature. Everything from wild gardens to flowers in vases. Using  watercolour I create depth in the image by painting and building up each layer of colour and shape in stages. Working with the brush to create strokes and shapes which bring the form of each object to life. This way of working reflects how even abstract and simple shapes as well as colour can represent nature’s complexity. Walks in nature and the city capture the shapes and colours that are incorporated into my work."