Claire Caudwell

Images and Art

© Claire Caudwell 2018


Claire Caudwell is a contemporary watercolour artist living and working in Nottingham, UK. She has a BA Hons degree in textile design with a focus on printed textiles. After graduating she worked as an artist and print designer. After a move to Stockholm in 2010 Claire started working for fashion and textile designer Gudrun Sjöden. It was here that she started to develop her watercolour painting and botanical art, which lead to her wanting to develop a career as a contemporary watercolour artist. Influences from her time in Sweden are reflected in the delicate light and colour in her work and the simplicity of her motifs. In 2018 she returned to her hometown of Nottingham to surround herself with nature and to develop her art practice, exhibit and sell her work.

Artist statement:

My practice focuses on botanical nature, it's shapes, colours, simplicity and the way in which it is uncompromising. By uncompromising I mean nature that is untamed and unpruned, a nature that is allowed to grow and die with the seasons. Within my practice I collect mental notes on walks in nature. I then later relay them in my sketchbook before painting them onto paper.

My main medium is watercolour. I have developed a technique where I layer colours, and sometimes allow for the colours to bleed, which is done in stages. The reason I choose to do it in stages is to allow for each colour to dry so I can overlay it with other shapes and colours giving a delicacy and simplicity to the painting. This process of layering takes time and patience. Consideration of colour and the shapes that I make with different brushes are also very important aspects in my work. This is because I want to use colour and create shapes in a way that highlights the simplicity and intensity of my subjects.

As an artist I want people to see and understand my view of nature. But I also want people to be able to view a different perception and style of nature that is more abstract than reality, at the same time having a lot of depth.

Contact: If you are interested in collaborating, exhibiting or buying my work please email me here.